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How Fiber Protection is Enabling Next-Generation Automotive Systems

Having established that there is a growing requirement for high data rates in automotive wiring system what are the options available to manufacturers?
Here we discuss how fiber affects data transmission in automobiles.  (more >>)
PON Architectures

An introduction to PON Networks.
Information about their topology, their application, how can they be configured and their general topology.  (more >>)
Tutorial Basico Sobre Fibra Optica-IV

Parte IV del tutorial básico sobre fibra óptica:
En esta parte se incluyen las características de diferentes tipos de cables de fibra, así como también las diferentes formas de terminación de cables existentes.  (more >>)
Tutorial Basico Sobre Fibra Optica-III

Parte III del tutorial básico de fibra óptica:
Incluye diseños de cables básicos, los cuales se ven mucho en soluciones de fibra, estos son los cables de tubo holgado, y los cables de fibra ajustada.  (more >>)
Tutorial Basico Sobre Fibra Optica-II

Parte II del tutorial básico sobre fibra óptica.
Breve introducción a la fibra y descripción de los dos tipos de fibras utilizados: La fibra multimodo y la fibra monomodo.  (more >>)
Tutorial Basico Sobre Fibra Optica-I

En años recientes se ha vuelto aparente que las fibras ópticas están reemplazando a los cables de cobre como un medio apropiado de transmisión de señales de comunicación.  (more >>)
Introducción a la tecnología EPON

Introducción a la tecnología EPON:
Sencilla introducción a esta tecnología tan interesante y útil, incluyendo situación actual, componentes, y arquitectura.  (more >>)
Over-the-Top Content OTT

Introduction to OTT (Over the top content) What it means, its use and what it refers to.  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - V

PON is a new medium for the Ethernet technology. 802.3 group defines a new physical layer but makes little modifications to the Ethernet MAC layer and above to support new applications and mediums. The hierarchical model of EPON is defined in IEEE 802.3ah  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - IV

EPON is configured in full duplex mode in a single fiber point-to-multipoint (P2MP) topology. Subscribers, or ONUs, see traffic only from the head-end; each subscriber cannot see traffic transmitted by other subscribers, and peer-to-peer communication is  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - III

Logically, the last mile is a PtMP network, with a CO servicing multiple subscribers. There are several multipoint topologies suitable for the access network, including tree, tree-and-branch, ring, or bus (Figure 2).  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - II

A typical EPON system is composed of OLT (Optical Line Terminal), ONU (Optical Network Unit), and ODN (Optical Distribution Network) (see Figure 1).  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - I

In recent years, EPON is the most popular access technology for the last mile solutions, which could provide Internet, VoIP, IPTV, CATV service to the subscribers through one fiber.  (more >>)
The Difference of PLC Splitter and FBT Coupler (FBT Splitter)

Indroduction about the difference of the FBT Coupler (Splitter) and PLC Splitters. the contents including the comparison about the manufacturer technology, application difference, etc.  (more >>)