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The Equipment That Will Let You Achieve Intelligent Industrial Control

Nowadays there is a new trend in Intelligent Industrial Control: Industrial Control 4.0, this new stage in automation makes everything better, but it also requi  (more >>)
SMA905 High Power Fiber Optic Connector Application

Do you know about SMA905 Connectors? They aren't used as much as other fiber optic connectors, but they do sure have their uses. These connectors are used in h  (more >>)
Dome and In-Line Type Splice Closures

Splice Closures help protect the splices made to split and distribute fiber optic cabling. To be able to do this they must be able to be installed in all kinds  (more >>)
Upgrading to Fiber Optic Computer Network Systems

As we know there is an increasing need for data transmission capacity due to the ever evolving technologies that have bigger and bigger broadband requirements.  (more >>)
How to Produce your Own Fiber Optic Patchcords

If you work with fiber optic projects, you must know that patchcords are essential to connect different kinds of equipment together and to properly implement a  (more >>)
Using Fiber Optics in CCTV Surveillance Solutions

CCTV Surveillance Solutions are having an increasing presence in many different countries due to the need to monitor different things like traffic, residential  (more >>)
An Efficient Solution for Fiber Connecting

Sun Telecom's Field assembly connector, also called fast assembly connector, is a pre-polished, pre-assembled connector compatible with the standard LC/FC/SC/S  (more >>)
Optimizing Data Center Cable Distribution

Data Centers are a very important element in modern technology infrastructures, with the current use of things like Big Data the size and importance of Data Cen  (more >>)
Conveniently Integrated FTTx Cabling Systems

A fiber optic cabling system starts from the Central Office, where the OLT starts the correspondent data transmission through the fiber cables that carry the da  (more >>)
Fiber Optic Patchcord Ferrule Inspection

There are many circumstances in which we need to check the ferrule of a fiber optic patchcord. Sometimes the patchcord is not working properly so we must check  (more >>)
Stranded Loose Tube Armored Fiber Optic Cable

The fibers, 250μm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. A wire, somet  (more >>)
A Fiber Optic Cable Adaptable to All Harsh Environments

Sun Telecom's mini armored cable can be laid in all kinds of environments. It is used without protection tube which saves space and makes the maintenance more  (more >>)
A Very Convenient and Flexible Outdoor Fiber Cabling Solution

Outdoor fiber cabling choices might be tough sometimes due to the difference in cabling designs, environment, and costs. What we provide in this cabling solutio  (more >>)
A Look at ADSS Cables

ADSS Cables, or All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cables, are cables that are capable of supporting themselves without needing any conductive metal elements. Why i  (more >>)
A look at OPGW Cables

OPGW Cables are cables that contained specialized structures that can shield the cable from lightning strikes, provide space for fiber optics and give the cable  (more >>)
One Awesome Fiber Test Equipment You Need to Know

As demand for optical fiber increases day by day, the number of fibers in a single optical cable can be as many as 2096 individual fibers. As more fiber cables  (more >>)
An Excellent Solution For Fiber Field Testing

When a fiber optic project requires field testing, we know that many pieces of gear must be carried, and the bigger and more complex the project gets the more g  (more >>)
The Perfect Equipment For Wireless Networks Developing

Wireless is a technology with an ever increasing presence, especially in this smartphone era. That's why the upgrading and maintenance of wireless networks' c  (more >>)
Testing Ethernet Solutions

Stability is paramount when it comes to deploying internet networks; nobody wants to have connection issues in this era where being connected gets more importan  (more >>)
The Best Solution For Finding Fiber Optic Cables In The Field

Many times, we work with projects that involve huge quantities of fibers which makes everything more complicated during installation and maintenance, this is ex  (more >>)
The Role of the Light Source and the Power Meter In Fiber Optics Testing

Testing is an essential thing to do when working with fiber optics, it is paramount that we make sure the laser transmission is stable and within the desired pa  (more >>)
A Quick and Accessible Way to Test Fiber Optic Cables

Testing is an essential thing to do when working with fiber optics, it is paramount that we make sure the laser transmission is stable and within the desired  (more >>)
An Effective and Accessible Way of Distributing Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cable distribution takes place in different places that require different approaches, starting from the Central Office with big, high quantity core  (more >>)
Steps in Fiber Optic Cable Distribution

Fiber optic cable distribution is a very important aspect of a cabling system, therefore fiber optic distribution boxes are essential for fiber optic projects.  (more >>)
OLTs and ONUs in your Central Office

Providing a FTTH solution practically starts from the Central Office and ends at the end users' homes, so it is essential that the OLTs and ONUs are reliable a  (more >>)