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OSP Outside Plant Tutorial

How to make an OSP fiber optic solution? What should I know? The answers here.  (more >>)
PON Design Considerations

Considerations to take into account when designing a PON fiber solution, including splitting architectures, bandwidth requirements, etc.  (more >>)
PON Architectures

An introduction to PON Networks.
Information about their topology, their application, how can they be configured and their general topology.  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - V

PON is a new medium for the Ethernet technology. 802.3 group defines a new physical layer but makes little modifications to the Ethernet MAC layer and above to support new applications and mediums. The hierarchical model of EPON is defined in IEEE 802.3ah  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - IV

EPON is configured in full duplex mode in a single fiber point-to-multipoint (P2MP) topology. Subscribers, or ONUs, see traffic only from the head-end; each subscriber cannot see traffic transmitted by other subscribers, and peer-to-peer communication is  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - III

Logically, the last mile is a PtMP network, with a CO servicing multiple subscribers. There are several multipoint topologies suitable for the access network, including tree, tree-and-branch, ring, or bus (Figure 2).  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - II

A typical EPON system is composed of OLT (Optical Line Terminal), ONU (Optical Network Unit), and ODN (Optical Distribution Network) (see Figure 1).  (more >>)
EPON Technology Introduction - I

In recent years, EPON is the most popular access technology for the last mile solutions, which could provide Internet, VoIP, IPTV, CATV service to the subscribers through one fiber.  (more >>)