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Dome and In-Line Type Splice Closures

Splice Closures help protect the splices made to split and distribute fiber optic cabling. To be able to do this they must be able to be installed in all kinds of fiber installations: Aerial, underground, pole, etc.


This is why we have two main types of splice closures: Dome and In-Line.


Let's check them out.


Dome Type Splice Closures:

Dome Type Splice Closures have a round shape which makes them perfect for being attached to poles with a wire, they can also be used in aerial installations close to the pole which enables the linking of fiber from the pole to the ground.




In-Line Splice Closures:

In-Line Splice Closures have a rectangular shape which makes them sturdier, therefore enabling them to be used in rougher places like underground installations, these closures can also be used in aerial installations.




Each type has its own installation area, so the closures must be chosen correctly according to how the cabling is going to be installed.


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