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How to Produce your Own Fiber Optic Patchcords

If you work with fiber optic projects, you must know that patchcords are essential to connect different kinds of equipment together and to properly implement a good, well working solution.


But sometimes it's difficult to deal with the logistics of getting everything together to start the project, or sometimes some of the equipment might malfunction or break during implementation, causing project delays and all kinds other troubles and losses.


So it would be awesome to just manufacture your own patchcords, according to your own specifications and demand right? You could use them in your own project or distribute them as you desire.


Well, that's exactly what our Patchcord Production Line can bring you:




We can provide the entire production system so you can start producing your own patchcords without having to look for lots of different suppliers to acquire the equipment, and also support you with the training required to start operations.