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One Awesome Fiber Test Equipment You Need to Know

As demand for optical fiber increases day by day, the number of fibers in a single optical cable can be as many as 2096 individual fibers. As more fiber cables are buried underground, it becomes extremely difficult for the telecom engineers and technicians to manage the cables because cables may take different pathways, or be labeled incorrectly. As a vast number of optical cables are being deployed by different service providers, new players such as utility, cable companies and telecom incumbents, it is crucial to correctly locate the target desired cables in an outside plant. An easy-to-use method is the cable identifier.



SUN-OCI Series Optical Cable Identifier, it is a specially developed instrument for telecommunication engineers and technicians to identify a desired target fiber optical cable. It is also user friendly, easy to operate and non-invasive to the fiber optical cable. It can be used in various environments, such as manholes, tunnels conduits and aerial. Based on the properties of photo elastic effect, it converts the coherent laser energy into a visual or audio signal, so the user can easily locate the target desired fiber in manholes, tunnel conduits, and aerial installations, etc. With the Optical Cable Identifier, the user can easily recognize the target optical cable in a messy cabling by gently tapping the cables, since the target cable will make a sound when tapped indicating it's the right cable. This Optical Cable Identifier replaces traditional optical cable identifying methods which require cutting, bending, or freezing the fiber. It is a new non-invasive detection method, which can greatly reduce installation, deployment and troubleshooting times and costs, improving overall operational efficiency.


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