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An Excellent Solution For Fiber Field Testing

When a fiber optic project requires field testing, we know that many pieces of gear must be carried, and the bigger and more complex the project gets the more gear it's needed.


Need to test connections? Get the light source, have a fault? Get the fault locator, or maybe there's an issue where an OTDR is needed?


It might be a hassle to carry and manage lots of equipment, especially if it's a small team who is taking charge of the work, so what would happen if there is an equipment which has all these things, in only one set?


Well, such a thing actually exists, and it is our SUN-OT5200 High Performance OTDR:




This testing platform has a wide range of optional modules which include Visual Fault Locator, Light Source, Power Meter, Ferrule Inspector, and more, and it is an OTDR by itself.


Its big touchscreen and size make it both easy to use and very suitable for field work; its data can also be taken to a PC for analysis with the analysis program it includes.


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