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Testing Ethernet Solutions

Stability is paramount when it comes to deploying internet networks; nobody wants to have connection issues in this era where being connected gets more important every day.


But stability might be a difficult task to achieve when there are so many things to keep in mind while deploying and maintaining the network: There are many things involved, and they might affect the network in different ways.


Also, in the event of failure, it might be troublesome to figure out where the issue is, especially if it is a network with many ports and users.


This is why it's important to keep the network monitored and do proper testing after deployment.


For this kind of circumstances, we at Sun Telecom have the SUN-ET-10G100 10Gb Ethernet Tester:




This equipment allows the technician to test the Ethernet ports, therefore enabling proper identification of any faulty port. Its capabilities also allow technicians to test if an internet network is working properly.


This tester's design makes it very mobile, and so it's perfect for field operations, it also can be connected to a PC to make data management easier, and has lots of testing capabilities (VLAN, QoS, ToS, OAM, and more)


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