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The Role of the Light Source and the Power Meter In Fiber Optics Testing

Testing is an essential thing to do when working with fiber optics, it is paramount that we make sure the laser transmission is stable and within the desired parameters.

We know that fiber cables can have all kinds of mishaps: They can break, they can bend, they can be bit by animals, affected by the weather, etc.

So sometimes the laser signal loses power or gets interrupted, how do we make sure that the laser's power is within an acceptable range?

Well, we use this:


SUN-LS100 Light Source



Together with this:

SUN-OPM200 Power Meter



We connect the Light Source to a pigtail so it can transmit a laser signal through the cable, "activating" it.

Then we use the Power Meter to test the power, is it enough? Is it ok? Is it stable? Or, in some cases, is it too much?

This is a simple yet effective method of testing, which helps a lot when dealing with faulty cables.


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