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Steps in Fiber Optic Cable Distribution

Fiber optic cable distribution is a very important aspect of a cabling system, therefore fiber optic distribution boxes are essential for fiber optic projects, especially long distance ones.


First, we start with ODFs (Optical Distribution Frames), located in the Central Office, which hold equipment such as the X.


Here is a look at the ODFs we provide:



Then there are the OCC (Optical Cross Connection Cabinets), which distribute fibers with big core amounts while protecting the splices inside.

These are our Sun Telecom OCCs:



Lastly we have the ODNs (Optical Distribution Node), which make a final distribution from the last mile to the inside of the customer's home, and certain types can also distribute inside the home itself.

Our Sun Telecom ODNs:



These are the main types of fiber optic distribution boxes, from the Central Office to the end user.

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