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OLTs and ONUs in your Central Office

Providing a FTTH solution practically starts from the Central Office and ends at the end users' homes, so it is essential that the OLTs and ONUs are reliable and adequate for the solution we are providing.


For example, for a project with X homes we would need X ONUs and a X ports OLT (Or more OLTs if the OLT limit is reached), if the numbers don't add up it would bring up inconveniences during the use of the solution.


Another thing to take into account are the capabilities of the OLT and the ONU, if we want to provide wi-fi then of course our ONU should have wi-fi capabilities, for example.


If you are in need of this type of equipment, we at Sun Telecom have all kinds of OLTs and ONUs that adapt to your solution:



OLTs can be found here.


ONUs can be found here.


If you require any of these please contact us at for a quotation.