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SUN-HO-24 Heat Oven

Instructions of Use:

  •  Insert the 220V power and turn on the power, the indicator of power should be red.
  • 2Adjust the temperature knob. Please choose the position of knob according to the defined temperature.
  • 3Heated to a specific temperature can cure the fiber connecter.


    Curing Model FC, SC, ST, LC
    Power AC220V, 200W
    The Maximum Heating Temperature (°C) 200
    Temperature pointer sensitivity range (°C) ±10
    Normal Curing Temperature (°C) 80~120
    Normal Curing Period (min) 30 ~ 45
    Curing Connector Numbers 1 ~ 24pcs
    Weight (kg) 2.00
    Dimension (mm) 175(D) x 135(L) x 95(H)


SUN-HO-H100 Horizontal-type Curing Oven
SUN-HO-H100 Horizontal-type Curing Oven
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