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SUN-PM100S Low Volume Polishing Machine

  • High performance polishing for a variety of applications
  • Ergonomic simple design for ease-of-use.
  • Extremely small sized, for high portability in the laboratory or in the field.
  • Perfect for research or low volume re-works.
  • Short Cycle times (30 sec. typical for re-works)
  • Comes w/ hard shell carrying case for easy and safe transport
  • FC, SC, ST, MU, LC, PC or APC
  • Low Insertion Loss and High Back Reflection
  • Up to 6 connectors
    Parameters Specifications
    Applicable Connectors FC, SC, ST, MU, LC
    Net Weights (kg) 2.85
    Dimensions (mm) 128L x 128W x 165H
    Polishing Time (sec) 0 ~ 30
    Polish Method Rotation & revolution
    Plate Size/Film Size (mm) 70
    Power Supply AC 110 ~ 220V, 50/60Hz
    Part No Description Unit
    SUN-PM100S Small size and suitable for Re-works or R&D; Polishing trays not included Set
    SUN-PM100S-AFC Polishing tray for FC/APC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-ALC Polishing tray for LC/APC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-AMU Polishing tray for MU/APC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-ASC Polishing tray for SC/APC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-EHP For SUN-PM100S Polishing Machine Piece
    SUN-PM100S-FC Polishing tray for FC/PC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-LC Polishing tray for LC/PC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-RP Diameter: 70mm Piece
    SUN-PM100S-SC Polishing tray for SC/PC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-SMA Polishing tray for SMA905 connector before assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100S-ST Polishing tray for ST/PC connector after assembly Piece
    • Re-Work
    • Rearch and Development
    • Low Volume Production

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