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SUN-PM100L Connector Polishing Machine

  • High Speed Process
  • Huge Capacity
  • I.P.C. Polishing Fixtures
  • 20 connectors: FC,SC,ST; 24 connectors: LC & MU
  • Self Adjusting pressure
  • Exceeds requirements for GR-326 End Face Geometry Uses the new I.P.C. holder technology yields the best results in the industry. No variability in result when polishing 1 or 20 connectors.
  • Polishes up to 24 connectors w/ MU & LC & 20 for SC,FC, & ST.Efficient and fast processes for all connector types.
  • Built w/ high quality, heat-treated, stainless steel for amazing precision and durability
    Parameters Specifications
    Applicable Connectors FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, D4, E2000, MTRJ
    Net Weights (kg) 23.5
    Dimensions (mm) 230L x 230W x 255H
    Film Size 5''
    Power Supply AC220V, 50 Hz


    SC.jpg LC.jpg MPO.jpg
    Part No Description Unit
    SUN-PM100L Suitable for mass production; Method of Pressurization: Pressing from the four corners; Polishing trays not included Set
    SUN-PM100L-250 Polishing tray for 2.5mm ferrule before assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-AFC Polishing tray for FC/APC connector after assembly, Piece
    SUN-PM100L-AFC-S Polishing tray for FC/APC connector after assembly,Step ferrule Piece
    SUN-PM100L-ALC Polishing tray for LC/APC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-ASC Polishing tray for SC/APC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-EHP For SUN-PM100L Polishing Machine Piece
    SUN-PM100L-ESC Polishing tray for ESC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-ESC/APC Polishing tray for ESC connector before assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-FC Polishing tray for FC/PC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-LC Polishing tray for LC/PC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-MPO Polishing tray for MPO connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-RP Diameter: 5", Hardness: 80° Piece
    SUN-PM100L-SC Polishing tray for SC/PC connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-SMA905 Polishing tray for SMA905 connector after assembly Piece
    SUN-PM100L-SP Diameter: 5", Steel Pad, Used for polishing machine with four-corner pressing Piece
    SUN-PM100L-ST Polishing tray for ST/PC connector after assembly Piece
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