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SUN-HO-H40 Horizontal-type Heat Oven


  • According to produces fiber optic connector, we designs carefully specially, avoids breaking the optical fiber, pulling the filament as well as the examination not convenient and so on questions.
  • Changing temperature is free and nimble, temperature control accurate effective
  • The heating-up time is over, the curing oven has the warning to prompt.
  • Many types of fiber optic connectors, i.e. SC, FC, ST, LC, and so on.
    Curing Model FC, SC, ST, LC
    Power AC220V 200W (110V)
    Max. Heating Temp.(°C) 200°C
    Normal Curing Temp.(°C) 80~120
    Normal Curing Period (min) 30 ~ 45
    Curing Connector Numbers(pcs) 1 ~ 40
    Weight (kg) 7.5
    Dimension (mm) 400x320x130
Patch Cord Cable
Patch Cord Cable
SC Optical Patch Cord
SC Optical Patch Cord
Patchcord Production
Patchcord Production
ST Optical Patch Cord
ST Optical Patch Cord
FC Optical Patch Cord
FC Optical Patch Cord
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