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Pre-Embedded Fast Field Assembly Connector


  • Pre-embedded fiber and pre-polished ceramic ferrule (PC/APC) ensures excellent optical performance
  • Matching oil (Same refractive index as fiber) used in the high precision core parts to ensure the high stability and reliability of the connector
  • ALL connectors tested for insertion loss and return loss before leaving the factory
  • Less than 1 minute operation time, easy to assembly
  • Over 98% splicing success rate for single time assemble, total splicing success rate more than 99
  • More than 5 times for re-assembling
  • Life Span over 15 years 
    Parameters Specifications
    Dimensions (mm) 50 x 9 x 7.2
    Applicable Cable 3.0* 2.0mm Drop Cable
    Fiber Diameter (um) 125
    Fiber Mode SM / MM
    Insert Loss (dB) ≤0.5
    Return Loss (dB ) ≤60 (APC)
    ≤50 (PC)
    Tensile Strength (N) >50
    Operating Temperature (°C) -20 ~ +75
    Circulatory Test During High-low Temperature (dB) ΔIL ≤ 0.25, ΔIR ≤ 5
    Vibration and Impaction (dB) ΔIL ≤ 0.25, ΔIR ≤ 5
    High Temperature and Humidity Test (85°C/85%H) ΔIL ≤ 0.25, ΔIR ≤ 5

    Fast Connector Table.jpg

    • Distribution frames
    • Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks
    • Patch panels
    • FTTH Outlets
    • Field work


     fast connector SC

        There is a wide range of quality of products in the fast connector industry, here are some tips for Sun Telecom’s FC fast connectors with other FC fast connectors in order to give an idea of what to choose when purchasing.


    Sun Telecom utilizes Pre-embedded fiber in the manufacturing of fast connectors, this involves a    part of bare fiber which is placed in ceramic ferrule and the end face is polished during manufacturing, so the operator only needs to insert the fiber in the other side of ferrule. With matching oil, it greatly reduces the professional cutting requirements of the operator. With pre-embedded fiber, the return loss will be better. The result of this process is better than using thethrough fiber method.


    Sun Telecom’s Pre-embedded fiber also has a higher quality because of the techniques and quality control methods utilized during the manufacturing process.




    Sun Telecom

    General Products

    Cutting Technique


    Cleaver or bare fiber polishing

    Ceramic Ferrule

    High precision

    Other brands

    Insertion Loss (dB)

    ≤ 0.25

    ≤ 0.5  (average 0.3)

    Return Loss (dB)

    UPC ≥ 50

    APC ≥ 60

    UPC ≥ 45

    APC ≥ 55

    Matching Oil

    Special formula

    Life span > 25 years

    Oil maybe dried

    Life Span 5 ~ 10 years

    V-Groove Material


    Metallic Oxide or PE, ABS

    Operation Time (min)

    Approx. 3

    Approx. 5

    Maintenance Capital


    High (fragile)


    Cutting Technique


    Other Manufacturer (Cleaver)

    对比 1

    Sun Telecom


    对比 2


    1.     Sun Telecom’s laser cutting technique greatly increases return loss (60dB/APC). (It is 55dB/APC for other manufacturers).


    2.    Sun Telecom uses PEI as V-Groove material, because it’s steady in high and low temperature. Many factories use Metallic Oxide but it will get rusty which can affect the function of matching oil. Compared to others nonmetal material, PEIprovides higher intensity and precision and it is often used in aviation industry.


    3.     We also use high precision ferrules which can greatly reduce insertion loss.


    4.     For the matching oil in the fast connector, Sun Telecom uses a special formula with low volatility. Normal oil may be dried in a short time which can greatly affect the connector’s life span. Sun Telecom’s fast connector can work more than 25 years.


    Some of the connectors of other manufacturers may not be able to adapt to long-time use. The network connection can be built at the moment, but the optical power might be at its limit. After one or two months or several days, problems could occur, and the maintenance capital with continuous repairing might be higher than procurement pricing and customers could complain a lot which is disadvantageous to the company’s reputation.



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