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PDH Media Converter


  • Provide 16 E1 digital ports, 75Ω or 120Ω impedance
  • E1 & V35 channel support BERT (Bit Error Rate Test)
  • Provide an order line port
  • Provide a RS232 asynchronous data port;
  • V.35 support 7 clock mode (DCE: location, restoration, exterior input; DTE: send RC receive TC, send RC receive RC, send TC receive TC, send TC receive RC) is suitable for all V.35 request for port clock mode on the market at present;
  • V.35 port clock mode, phase, optional function for time slot and E1/V.35 exchange function for data channel can have access to Network Software Arrangement;
  • The Ethernet ports are featured with10/100Base-Tx self-adaptive; Bandwidth can be adjusted on the basis of 0.5M unit; 100M maximum;
  • Support orderwire;
  • Provide a management port for centralized monitoring and supporting system upgrade;
  • Provide a set of control switch for device testing and maintenance;
  • Dual optical port to reach 1+1 service protection;
  • Based on ASIC, simple circuit, low power consumption and high reliability;
  • Being suitable for multiple power environment of -48VDC or 220VAC;
  • Standard 1U rack with the characteristics of small size, light height, high reliability and easy for installation.



    E1 Port

    Bit Rate

    2048Kbps ± 50ppm

    Code Type


    Interface Impedance

    75Ω unbalanced or 120Ω balanced

    Data Interface Electrical Specification

    ITU-T G.703, pulse wave is consistent with the templet

    Jitter Transfer Characteristic

    ITU-T G.823

    Input Jitter Tolerance

    ITU-T G.823

    Output Jitter

    ITU-T G.823


    ±2.37V±10% or ±3.00V±10%

    Interface Connector

    BNC Q9 coaxial

    E1 Local Loopback

    Per channel

    Remote Loopback

    Per channel

    Ethernet Port


    IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-Tx

    Port Rate

    10/100M Self-adaptive

    Band Step Size

    0.5M unit, Max. 100M

    Fiber Interface

    Output Power (dBm)

    -3 ~ -8

    Receiving Sensitivity (dBm)

    -33 ~ -40

    Optical Interface Connector

    Dual FC / Dual SC / Single SC

    Applicable Fiber

    Single mode or Multimode


    Port Rate

    N x 64K

    Without traffic control, transparent transmission;


    DB25 Slot

    DCE or DTE Optional

    Management Port and Extended Series Port


    RS232 port


    RS232 level



    Data Rate (bit/s)


    Extension Port (bit/s)

    Up to 19200

    General Information

    Ambient Temp. (°C)

    0 ~ 45

    Relative Humidity

    ≤ 90% (35°C)

    Atmospheric Pressure (kpa)

    86 ~ 106

    DC Voltage

    -48VDC (-36V ~ -72V)

    Power Supply Ripple


    AC Voltage

    220VAC±15% 50Hz

    Power Consumption (w)

    < 10

    Dimensions (mm)

    483 x 175 x 45

    SUN-PDH-2016E1-X Standard 1U Multiplexer, with 16 × E1 (120Ω) + 1 x 10/100Base-T, 1 × RS232, 1 × public phone, 1 × network management port, 60km, SM, Dual Fiber SC Optical Interface, built-in error detection, E1 loopback features, 220V (or -48V) power supply,
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