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8/16/30/60-Channel Telephone Multiplexer


  • Based on IC of independent intellectual property rights
  • Adopt veneer structure
  • Can control the remote alarm status
  • E1 is conformed to G.703, adopts full digital clock recovery and smooth phase lock technology
  • Offer 2 extended ports for 1~4 asynchronous data, such as RS232/S485/RS422/Manchester
  • Ethernet is 10M/100M, full/half duplex adaptive, support VLAN
  • ETH support Auto-MDIX
  • 8/16/30/60 channels phone, support call indication
  • Audio ports support FXO and FXS, FXO connected with switches, FXS with users' phone
  • Support SNMP management
  • Can distinguish the opposite device is shut down or fiber not connected well when testing lost optical signal
  • User can become conscious of the temperature and voltage of the local device in network management stage
  • User can also become conscious of the temperature and voltage of the remote device in SNMP managing interface, and can set the alarm threshold of the remote device’s temperature
  • Power supply: AC220V or DC-48V/DC24V etc
  • More than 2~120km no relay transmission distance



    Optic Interface

    Output Power (dBm)

    -3 ~ -8

    Receiving Sensitivity (dBm)

    -33 ~ -40


    Dual SC / Dual FC / Single SC

    Fiber Mode


    E1 Interface

    Interface Standard

    Comply with ITU-T G. 703, 704, 712 suggestion

    Bit Rate (Kbps)

    2.048 ± 50ppm

    Interface Impedance (Ω)


    Interface Connector


    User and Loop Interface

    Impedance (Ω)


    Insertion Loss (dB)

    -3 ± 0.75

    Frequency Characteristic

    300 ~ 3400Hz (-0.6 ~ +3dB)

    Weighted Noise (dBmop)

    ≤ -63.7

    Crosstalk Loss (dB)

    ≥ 65

    Loop Impedance (Ω)

    ≤ 1800

    2/4 Line Audio Interface (2/4 line E&M interface)

    Impedance (Ω)

    200 + 680 || 0.1uF

    4-line AD Gain (dB)

    14 (adjustable)

    4-line DA Gain (dB)

    -2  (adjustable)

    4-line AD Frequency Characteristic (dB)

    -0.2 - +0.2

    4-line DA Frequency Characteristic (dB)

    -0.2 - +0.2

    2-line AD Frequency Characteristic (dB)

    -0.2 - +0.2

    2-line DA Frequency Characteristic (dB)

    -0.2 - +0.2 (adjustable)

    Return Loss (dB)


    Balance Degree (dB)


    Common Mode Rejection Ratio (dB)


    Power Supply Rejection Ratio (dB)


    Spare Signal Channel Noise (dB)

    ≥ 65

    Loop Impedance (Ω)


    V.24 (RS232) Interface

    Interface Type

    V.24 asynchronous

    Rate (kbps)

    0 ~ 19.2

    V.35 Interface

    Interface Type

    V.35 synchronous


    Nx64Kbps (N =1~15)

    Clock Mode


    10/100M Base_T Interface

    Interface Type

    10/100M Base-T

    Interface Rate (Mbps)


    Transmission Rate (Mbps)


    General Information

    Dimensions (mm)

    210 (D) × 480 (W) × 44 (H), 19 inch standard frame
    210 (D) × 480 (W) × 88 (H), 19 inch standard frame

    Working Temp. (°C)

    0~ 40

    Relative Humidity

    ≤ 90% (25°C)

    Power Input

    DC: -48VDC (-36 ~ -72V)  or
    220VAC ± 20%, 50Hz

    Telephone Multiplexer Applications

SUN-ODB-RM2C Fiber Optic Terminal Box
SUN-ODB-RM2C Fiber Optic Terminal Box
B-type Indoor Cable I
B-type Indoor Cable I
SUN-OPM-M Mini-type Optical Power Meter
SUN-OPM-M Mini-type Optical Power Meter
SUN-OPM200 Fiber Optic Handheld Power Meter
SUN-OPM200 Fiber Optic Handheld Power Meter
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