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10/100/1000M Fiber Ethernet Media Converter


  • In conformity to IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-Tx/Fx, IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-Tx/Fx standard
  • Max. 2M buffer memory built in chip
  • Data flow control for full duplex IEEE802.3 X and half duplex
  • Automatic identification of MDI/MDI-X cross line
  • High-performance, 1.4Gbps memory bandwidth
  • In conformity to safety code of FCC and 15 CLASS B



    MM Media Converter

    SM Media Converter


    IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Standard
    IEEE 802.3u 100Base-Tx/Fx Standard
    IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-Tx/Fx Standard

    Transmission Type

    10/100/1000M FDX/HDX

    Data Buffer (kb)



    1 UTP RJ-45, 1 SC/ST Connector

    Operation Mode

    Full duplex mode or half duplex mode

    Max. Distance

    UTP: 100 meters (Cat 5.);
    Fiber: 1km (Multi-mode) 20km ~ 120km(Single Mode)

    Bit Error Rate


    Power Supply

    Outside: DC 5V 2A
    Built-in: AC 110 ~ 265V or DC -48V

    Power (w)


    Operation Temp.(°C)

    0 ~ 70

    Storage Temp. (°C)

    -45 ~ 80


    5% ~ 90%RH

    Dimensions (mm)

    95 x 70 x 26 (L x W x H) (External power supply)
    140 x 110 x 30 L x W x H) (Internal power supply)

    1. This product is suitable for indoor application.
    2. Put on the dust cover of fiber interface when not used.
    3. It is forbidden to stare at the TX fiber-transfer end with naked eyes.
    4. Single optical fiber transceiver must be used in pair (See the attachment description in delivery).



     There is a wide range of quality of products in the Ethernet Media Converter industry, here are some tips for Sun Telecom’s Ethernet Media Converter with other manufacturers in order to give an idea of what to choose when purchasing.


    Sun Telecom’s advantages:


    - All the materials are new, the lifetime of the optical module is five years, and the working temperature can be from -10 to 50 degrees.


    - It utilizes the best 113C chip available in the industry, and uses quality PCB; its TOSA, ROSA and BOSA optical components have high reliable quality.


    - The receiving sensitivity is in accordance with the international standards of IEEE 802.3U and ITUT.G.957.


     -The transmission distance fully meets the specification requirements.


    - The equipment has 3 year warranty.


    Some of the products in the market:


    - These products may use recycled materials to lower the cost, but the optical module lifetime might be reduced to generally two years, and it might not work at high temperatures.


    - They might also use low cost chips, cheap PCB boards and core optical devices, which can’t guarantee a good quality; the machine might be unstable as a result.


    - The transmission distance might be reduced with time.


    - The warranty time is not very long. 

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