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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable


Center Strength Member: FRP
Fiber Unit: 
          Tight tube : PBT (Polybutylece terephthalate)
          Fibre: G.652, G655 or G657 Single mode fiber
          Fibre Quantity:  fiber x  loose tubes
          Filling (Fibre jelly): Thixotropy jelly
Filling (Cable jelly): Water-prevent cable jelly
Inner Jacket: MDPE sheath
Outer Jacket: HDPE sheath (< 35kV) or AT sheath (> 110 kV)

    Parameters Specifications
    Fiber SM G.652D, G655, G657A1 or G657A2
    Fiber Quantity 2 ~ 144
    SPAN (m) Up to 1500
    Modulus of Elasticity (Gpa) According to different type
    Standard Cable Weight (kg/km) According to different type
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6/°C) According to different type
    Min-bending Radius (mm) Short-term According to different type
    Long-term According to different type
    Crush Performance (N/100mm) Short-term According to different type
    Long-term According to different type
    Suiting Line Voltage Class (kV) < 35 (HDPE) or > 110 (AT)
    Suiting meteorological condition Max wind speed: 50m/s, Max icing: 10mm
    Operation Temperature    (°C) Storage -40 ~ +70
    Operation -10 ~ +50
    Attenuation coefficient(dB/km) 1310nm ≤0.36
    1550nm ≤0.22
    Loose Tube Color Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Gray, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Light Green
    Fiber Color Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Gray, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Light Green

    ADSS order information





    SUN-ADSS-TS Tension Set tension set
    SUN-ADSS-SUSC-100M Suspension Clamp SUSC
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-PVC Spiral Vibration Damper SVD
    SUN-ADSS-DOC-34 Downlead Clamp DOC
    SUN-ADSS-FF-200 Fastened Fitting fastened fitting
    SUN-ADSS-CAM Clamp clamp
    SUN-ADSS-RS-2D2025 Remain Shelf remain shelf
    SUN-ADSS-VD Vibration Damper VD
    • On power lines
    • On street lighting poles
    • From building to building

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     There is a wide range of quality of products in the cable industry, here are some tips for Sun Telecom’s ADSS cable with other manufacturers in order to give an idea of what to choose when purchasing. All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable is a type of optical fiber cable that is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements. Sun Telecom’s ADSS cable has a higher quality because of the techniques and quality control methods utilized during the manufacturing process. 


    For ADSS cable, there are a lot of factors that can affect prices: 




    For Sun Telecom’s ADSS cable material:

    1. Sun Telecom uses special FRP which meets many different functions to be resistant to corrosion and provides good thermoelectric properties.

    2. Sun Telecom also uses high precision PE to provide good mechanical performance. Some of manufacturers may use recycled material which can greatly affect their performances.

    3. We also use Twaron’s Aramid yarn. Their Aramid yarns provide good flexibility and organization. These characteristics can guarantee good crush performance and tensile strength. Some Aramid yarns of other manufactories may be too     rough to meet the mechanical requirements. And under a same quantity, flexible yarns perform much better than rough yarn.

    Also, we ensure the quality of our products; some manufacturers may use inferior or substandard material and fake the work resulting in very bad quality products.
SUN-FS950 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
SUN-FS950 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
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SUN-OCC-SMC Cross-connect Cabinet
SUN-OTS500 Optical Talk set
SUN-OTS500 Optical Talk set
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